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Devexpress ASP.NET GRIDVIEW base css

I saw many people crying over stylesheet of gridview provided by gridview. I am not doing anything special here. Just pasting here the base css modifying which you can control...

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Classic problem between developers and UI designers

As a developer, you must have faced a classical issue, the UI guy says "dude the control that you have used got converted into table(<tr><td>) structure and it has screwed up my entire styling/css, i have to do a rework". And the timeline has to be extended. This is a classic problem when we work in group, startup or as a freelancer. In big companies there a specialist to create asp.net UI, but at smaller scale becomes...

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Why my event is not firing on click of controls

Many a times this happens that we get stuck in issues for hours and later we realize how stupid that problem was. I am aiming this blog to cater these kinds of issues only. There is nothing new that you will learn here. But it might happen you are also stuck with some similar problem and help you get out of the struggle.

"Why the hell my event is not firing when I have done everything right"... Classic problem which i have faced many times in my early days and now I find new guys babbling about the same. Most of the time the culprit is the Page Load event. After all this...

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With the 15th birthday anniversary google shared a new update of search algorithm and search experience, named it HUMMINGBIRD. HTML coders inevitably panic when they hear word of another tweak to Google's search algorithms. With this launch of new algorithm, all the online community get shocked, especially as this algorithm has already been live on Google.com for at least 30 days. So what do we know about...

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Plotting route maps using Google Maps API

I have been trying to hunt for a solution to plot a route on a map, showing all the stop points, and possibly all the images of the locations of the stop points. I finally found a solution after mixing and matching a few Google Maps v3 examples and ...

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