About Company: Enziq Solutions

Enziq Solutions Partners ShubhSanjog For A Social Cause Of Match Making At No Cost

Dated: 25th Oct 2013

Matrimonial websites are a dime a dozen. With technology these cropped up hundreds of match making websites that mindlessly match your children based on a bunch of pre filters. It has become such a commercial exercise that it now resembles an online dating exercise.

This is where ShubhSanjog, spearheaded by Shubh Sanjog Team member looks to make a difference. ShubhSanjog is a non-profit organization that aims at easing the anxiety of finding the perfect match for your children. Shubh Sanjog is fully equipped with technology, but only to capture your profile and your preferences. This is where the technology stops and gives way to panel of match-making experts with over 10-15 years of experience in various fields ranging from astrology, etc. This panel painstakingly scrutinizes each profile and notifies only the prospective bride's family about the groom's profile. The process will proceed only if the bride's family expresses interest. Thus, putting the bride's family firmly in control of the groom hunting exercise.

Enziq Solutions embraced this novel endeavor and provided them the technology support needed, staring with the website, graphic design, email and web technology consultancy. This is in keeping with the anniversary offer we had brought out to support deserving non-profit organizations. Enziq continues to partner this endeavor and would like to welcome you all to become part of its success story. We will be launching the website services on November 10th. You can get your friends and kin registered and utilize their services in finding the perfect match for them.

Enziq announces the launch of their Lead Management Tool

Dated: 30th Sep 2013

Enziq announced on Monday, 30th September 2013, about the launch of a Lead Management System to help sales agencies, business development team, etc manager and process their lead queue more professionally and seamlessly. This tool was launched for the masses on October 1st by Mr. Ganesh Hingnekar, the CEO of a Ziqquratz, a leading Architecture firm in Bangalore.

Mr. Hingnekar explained that he found the tool incredibly useful and easy to use for small and large institutions alike. He further explained that the tool helped large organizations organize and structure their lead management and conversion process seamlessly across geographical locations across their various offices.

The tool received serious pre launch interests with more than 15 requests coming in during the beta testing phase. From these requests, Enziq send the initial pre-launch copies of the tool to 4 different organizations in Delhi and Bangalore. And after receiving encouraging replies from these organizations they have finally launched the product for the public.

You can learn more about the tool and secure your copy at:

Enziq Launches Its Wide Range Of Server Hosting Plans

Dated: 16th Sep 2013

On 16th Sep, Enziq launched 3 new hosting plans for the masses. With new and upgraded CPUs, and an unlimited bandwidth guarantee they are all set to capture the online space with a bang.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mangesh V. Devikar, a Director at the company, explained that there had been frequent requests from companies of all sizes for hosting space, with more space, greater reliability, faster performance and higher bandwidth. "All through the last 6 months we at Enziq have invested in procuring the same at our data centres. Now that we have the necessary hardware to provide for these requests we are launching these services to our customers at never before prices."

Enziq is offering server hosting spaces for as low a Rs. 2000/- a year for start-ups. Enziq has always been a constant volunteer at start-up events and a huge supporter for many start-up companies. These plans have been launched and are now available for the customers.

Enziq is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on 18th May 2013.

Dated: 10th May 2013

Enziq Solutions is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on 18th May 2013. 'Enziq' was conceptualized half a decade ago, by Mrinal V. Gokhale and William Emmanual. The term 'Enziq' has been derived from two of Mrinal's earlier business ventures viz. Enigmatrixinc and Ziqquratz. The idea came to life as a registered private limited company named "Enziq Solutions Pvt. Ltd." by Mrinal along with Mangesh V. Devikar on the very same day in 2011. The entire Enziq Solutions family is gathering once again under one roof to celebrate with past and present employees along with their friends and family for an evening down memory lane. The celebration is to mark their 2 years of immense hard work creating the brand 'Enziq' as a "One-Stop-Shop" for all Web, IT and Multimedia requirements with the prime intention to support small and mid-scale organizations with their requirements.

When contacted, Mrinal shared that they plan to celebrate the day by recognizing and awarding the talent that made this journey so much fun and exciting. They will also be sharing Enziq's past success along with their future goals and aspirations with everyone present to celebrate their 2nd anniversary.

Enziq Solutions will also be launching a bunch of anniversary special offers on the 18th. The offers are as follows:

  • Free Web Services to deserving NGOs
    They have a long standing history of helping NGOs, invested in various causes like Child Survival, Old age care, Tiger protection, etc. To carry this forward and to increase the number of NGOs that can avail of their Services they are offering their web services for free.
  • Free web consulting for startups
    Being a startup itself, Enziq Solutions understands the importance of timely guidance and mentoring for budding startups. Therefore, Enziq Solutions and the bench of management consultants at Enziq Solutions have decided to offer pro-bono services for new startups.
  • Industry Ready Courses for start-ups
    There is a wide variation between the demand from MNCs of college Freshers and the quality of students in supply from many reputed colleges. Realizing this gap, Enziq Solutions has offered to help colleges with polishing their students' soft skills and better prepare them for a promising career ahead.

We congratulate entire Enziq family for reaching this milestone and wish them all the best to achieve a lot more in the years to come!

Recruitment Drive At Enziq Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Dated: 18th Feb 2013

Enziq is conducting yet another recruitment drive in a short span of 3 months, to fill up new positions at its Delhi office. Enziq has opened 8 new positions and is expecting to fill up these positions by the end of this month.

When contacted, Mr. Devikar (Executive Director) informed us that these positions were opened in-line with the new businesses in the pipeline.

The open positions are as follow:

  • 2 Creative Designers with 3+ years of experience
  • 1 Magento Developer with 3+ years of experience
  • 5 Web Content Publishers and Promoters with 6+ months of experience

The open drive will be held across 18 Feb – 28 Feb 2013. To apply to these available positions head on to the careers section on their site at http://www.enziq.com. The interviews will be conducted at their operations office at Delhi

This will be a great opportunity for fresher's and experienced folk alike to get into one of Delhi's most exciting work places.

Enziq shift to a bigger wider office space in Delhi

Dated: 1st Feb 2013

Enziq Solutions shifts to a bigger and wider office space in Delhi in order to serve our clients better. On the 1st of February Enziq Solutions Pvt. Ltd. shifted its Operations base to I.P. Extension, New Delhi. Company's new office is situated at 2nd Floor B-94/8, Joshi Colony, I.P. Extension Delhi-110092. [Visit Google map on this link http://goo.gl/maps/C6B7D]

Mrinal V. Gokhale, the Managing Director of the company explains that the move was purely a strategic move to get closer to their client base in Noida and Delhi, in order to serve them better. They currently have a large prospect pool in the NCT-Delhi region apart from several international arenas and this move helps them tap into this market more efficiently.

Mangesh V. Devikar (Executive Director), who heads Technologies Department, shared that this shift has helped them attract a lot of interest from prospects across several industries flourishing in the region. Enziq recently also went on hiring drive to get new employees onboard and Mr. Devikar confirms they are planning a recruitment drive again to cater increased number of request as an effect of the move.

William Emmanual (Executive Director), who heads Operations Department, is enthusiastic about the move with better infrastructure that results in possibilities to attract better talent and retain existing ones. He also plans to invest more in high-end IT infrastructure to ensure better connectivity with Clients and create more efficient working conditions. This new office comprises of a Director's cabin, general meeting area to seat 5-6 people, spacious seating for 12- 15 individual staffs, conference room, reprography area etc. and amenities like VOIP Conferencing, WI-FI, 24x7 backup, Internet leased line, networking etc.

Enziq also regrouped all of its "Services" in new packaging under 6 categories; Web Designs, Web Development, CMS Customization, Software Development, Internet Marketing and Mobile Applications. The company is poised to move ahead steadily with all the plans set to hit the upcoming financial year. The shift of operations base and regrouping of services is a couple of small steps out of the larger plan for this year. Check out the company portal at http://www.enziq.com to learn more.

Enziq Solutions moves to a Corporate Office in Gurgaon

Dated:22th Feb 2013

In just one year's time Enziq Solutions Private Limited (http://enziq.com) moved to a Corporate Office in Sector 32, Gurgaon. With an office floor space of more than 1500 sq. ft. The new office boasts of 2 cabins, 1 training room, a reception space, visitor lobby, pantry area, and a conference room.

Kudos to Mrinal Gokhale the Managing Director, Enziq Solutions who has led his team through the tough first year of its formation and has conquered its first milestone of setting base in a corporate office. It couldn't have been possible without all the hard work by Mangesh Devikar - Director Technologies (the ASP .NET specialist), Ashish Sharad - Networking (Hosting and Networking expert and Search Engine Optimization czar), Manish Rajput - Web Designer (Web and Multimedia Design champ), Neha Gulati, Web Developer (Website Development, Website Design specialist), Swati Jain - PHP Developer (PHP genius) and William Emmanual - Director Web Services (Website designer, Website management star and Web Analytics superhero).

The team at Enziq are jubilant and are celebrating this success with a weekend trip to Kasauli. This will be their Annual Executive Retreat where they will discuss the future for Enziq and chart the big steps forward.