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Our Suite of Products

We are glad to extend our suite of turn-key products that will not just help your business in day-to-day life but also prove itself as a great return of your investment.

HTML Metatag Extractor - TagXtor

SEO Analysis Driving you nuts? TagXtor is here to save you the trouble! TagXtor helps you extract and analyze any website's meta tags, content strategy all under 5 minutes. Yes! Under 5 minutes.

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Apartment Management System

Apartment Management System is software which enables you to administer your apartment with utter ease. It makes the task of managing, monitoring and maintaining apartment activities high-tech. An administrator can make any update from anywhere and anytime. Go for it!

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Closed Group Network Portal

Ever wished to have a "Social Portal" for your closed group like school, college, university, almamater, office, team, club, community etc.? Well we have exactly what you are looking for! This tool features internal messaging, photo sharing, photo tagging, wall posts, individual profiles, advanced member search, online classifieds, music, videos, games, trading, buy/sell/renting and much more.

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Lead Management System

Every Business focuses on converting more and more of its leads to new clients. Managing this effort becomes a hassle as the number of employees/sales force increases to meet the growing expectations of the businesses to make new clients. This is where our Lead Management System (LMS) comes to your rescue. Our LMS makes the entire process of capturing new leads along with their contact information and requirements, to mapping the lead's expectation to the products and services of the business, to converting them into happy customers, smooth and seamless. There are no more dropped leads, no more leads complaining about repeated calls for the same request.

Our system helps you manage your sales team's effort across geographies, between multiple teams and sub teams. The system provides you with extensive reports and customizable dashboards to help senior management get key insights about the entire sales investment and take corrective steps to optimize your investments whenever needed.

With a guarantee of 10 days customized delivery of the product to you and free coaching for your complete sales force onsite, you do not need any other tool or manpower to guarantee an optimal sales force performance. Your sales strategy deserves our LMS. Get it now!

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In the Making

Enziq Products
  • Accounting MIS
  • School Management System
  • Retail Management System
  • Vendor Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

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